How To Save Your Life With Natural Medicine

My fascination with alternative medicine began when my mother and one of my brothers developed cancer 18 years ago. Back then there was no information superhighway as we know it today. There were only books and libraries. You had to do a lot of work to find information about a subject as complex as cancer. Back then I was pretty much lost regarding the who, what, when, where, how, and why of this disease. However, I was able through much diligent work to find information and resources that would light the way to new found knowledge that has helped me in my own life. I am not a doctor, nor am I some great healer. I am just a student and practitioner of natural medicine. And I want to share what I have learned with anyone who is interested in a holistic approach to medicine. I can tell you what has worked for me. I can tell you about the things that have made me feel better and have more vigor. (Please read the ABOUT page for more about why I turned to alternative medicine).

Conventional Medicine

Western medicine as it is currently practiced is dying. Prescription drugs are now being seen by many informed people as the enemy of natural healing. I am not saying that all patent medicine is suspect. However I am saying that there are dangers associated with most of the prescription medicines on the market. That does not mean that you should throw out all your prescription medication. However you should know the risks and the limitations of those medicines with respect to your own health.   Today, the only prescription medicine that I take is an occasional pain pill for a ruptured disc. And I only take it if my back pain is unbearable. But even having said that, I have found natural ways to mitigate my back pain that do not involve drugs.

Over the years I have been prescribed all kinds of medication–opioids, statin drugs, decongestants, antibiotics, stomach acid neutralizers and numerous others. I refused to get the prescriptions filled for just about all of them except Pepcid and Claritin. But even after buying Pepcid, I never took it. And the drugs in Claritin seemed to make my sinus headaches worse. So I dumped that too.

I am happy and thankful to the Almighty that I am not tied by the hip to any medication as some of my colleagues and family members are. I have never had diabetes or high blood pressure, both of which have high incidence among the so-called Negro. My cholesterol has always been somewhat elevated. But now I know that high serum levels of cholesterol in and of itself don’t mean much. Vascular inflammation and arterial plaque are what we should be more concerned about when it comes to heart health. Since they are a more important indicator of heart disease.

My two biggest health scares so far have been kidney stones and prostate cancer. I have had two bouts of kidney stones in the last 17 years. No fun. No fun at all. Then around 2006 I was told that I had prostate cancer. The doctor who examined me gave a dire diagnosis. He told me he was sure that I had prostate cancer. I had all the classic symptoms…the blood in the urine, the intense pain and swelling in the prostate, the high PSA levels. He sent me to an oncologist for further confirmation. I never made it there. I didn’t want to see a death doctor. That’s what I call oncologists, death doctors, vultures who prey on the uninformed. They peddle and promote fear and death. And if by some miracle someone survives their toxic therapies, they pat themselves on the back as some grand saviors.

Of all the doctors, I find conventional oncologists to be the most sinister of the lot. That’s because most of them know that chemotherapy and radiation are glorified killers that should have been outlawed years ago. In fact, according to the Los Angeles Times, “Over 75% of the oncologists polled said that if they had cancer they would never use the same chemotherapy they prescribe for their patients on themselves because of the ineffectiveness of chemotherapy and its unacceptable degree of toxicity.” Also check out this link for the low-down on chemo and radiation therapy.

Both of these so-called therapies, chemo and radiation, are money makers. So I expect they will be around until this system collapses or insurance companies no longer pay for these draconian, cruel and unnecessary procedures. But I digress. I want to conclude this post by saying that natural medicine is the best medicine. It relies on what the Creator has given us to heal ourselves…that includes plants, medicinal herbs, vitamins and minerals, and other nutrients found in our food and water. This planet has become so polluted that just about everything is contaminated. And if you suffer from disease it is probably a result of that contamination.

The Best Medicine

Now I want to give a warning. Some people who read this post may conclude that I hate doctors and live a pristine life. Not so. I do not have contempt for all doctors, just the ones who peddle bad medicine and bad advice—which is probably most of them. However, the fact is it was a couple of doctors that led me into natural healing. For them their mantra was “First, do no harm.” This is a great motto. Did you know that doctors and modern medicine in the U.S. kills over 780,000 people a year. This makes the U.S. medical system the leading cause of death in America.

But now back to me. Let me say that it too is not pristine. I have temptations just like anyone else. My biggest problem has always been sweets. Cookies, cakes, sometimes candy. I still struggle with that even today. However, I don’t consume nearly as much as I used to because I understand the dangers of sugar. I believe you can eat a lot of the foods you crave in moderation, if you are getting the nutrients your body needs, especially minerals. But we live in a mineral deficient world. Almost all the soils in which foods are grown today are deficient in minerals. That means that the foods we eat, even the ones we think are nutritious, probably are not.

One contributing factor to this problem is the farming practices used by conventional farmers. Most conventional farmers do not rotate their crops or allow the earth to lie fallow as required by Scripture. They just farm the same land each year over and over again. But the land like our bodies needs rest…a time to renew itself.

The second problem is that most people no longer heat their homes with wood. In the old days when people used wood-burning stoves they would dump the ash into the ground and into their gardens. This was a great way to recycle. The wood ash contained minerals. These minerals would leach into the soil from the wood ash which in turned made the ground more fertile and nutrient-dense. Thus, the crops grown in that fertile soil had more minerals to offer up to those who consumed the foods planted in those soils.

As far back as 1936, scientists and the Congress knew most Americans—99%, were deficient in minerals and that 85% of the soils in the U.S. were deficient in minerals. Read Senate Bill 264 for yourself. The report states that no matter how much food people eat, they will be mineral deficient and thus prone to sickness, disease and death because of the conditions of the soil. Astounding, isn’t it? And yet nothing has change. Conventional farming practices remain the same for the most part, except for organic farming.

Bottom Line

If you suffer from disease, please know that there is hope. There are many natural therapies out there that actually work. The thing is, you may have to do some work, some research to the answers to your problems. But thankfully, there is an Internet, at least for now, that can help you. Don’t get me wrong. I know there is a lot of bad information out there too, and a lot of quackery as well. But if you can find good authoritative websites, then you’ve found your philosopher’s stone, so to speak. I hope this site will help you help in that regard. I post information to the Blog page periodically so check it out. And on the News page, I curate major medical news items that I run across. So check it all out and if you like it share it with others.


Disclaimer: The author of this website is not a physician and the ideas, procedures, and suggestions on this site are not intended as a substitute for the the medical advice of a trained health professional. The information presented is done so for informational purposes.